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Arrival Procedure & Patient Forms - COVID19

Due to COVID 19, we want to minimise waiting time and person-to-person contact within the practice and will triage you prior to your appointment. We kindly ask:

Forms can be completed and submitted any time once you have booked your appointment.

We would appreciate card payments instead of cash where possible or applicable. Thank you for your consideration.

Please read our COVID 19 News page for more information regarding COVID 19 and GP After Hours Mount Lawley.


GP After Hours Mount Lawley is a community based, privately owned after hours clinic.

We have proudly been servicing our patients for over 20 years (previously located at SJOG Hospital Mt Lawley) and our aim is to offer a quality service with comprehensive medical care for when your regular GP practice is closed.

Our dedicated doctors and trained staff are committed to providing prompt treatment in a caring environment. All of our doctors are vocationally registered specialist GPs and come with many years of experience.

GP After Hours Mount Lawley utilises a mixed booking system and we only offer in-practice and telehealth appointments. You can book an appointment online or phone the practice from 10am, 7 days a week.* (*Hours may vary on Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve subject to doctor availability. Please refer to our Facebook page or call the practice).


GP After Hours, Mount Lawley, is proud to have once again successfully achieved full accreditation by an independent organisation that assesses quality and standards in General Practice.


Accreditation acknowledges that GP After Hours Mount Lawley, achieves a high quality and meets the standards set out by RACGP in regards to its medical care, staff, facilities, standards and management.